Introduction: What is Weaver™

This is a short video presenting a high level overview of Weaver, the Openet VNF Lifecycle Manager offers a novel approach to VNF management at the software level rather than the VM level that leads to more stable production deployments.

Weaver™: A Detailed Overview

This is a short video describing the architecture of Weaver the Openet VNF Lifecycle Manager, including a detailed overview of the features and benefits of its architecture and use cases.

Weaver™ : Getting Started

This is a video to assist in getting WEAVER up a running quickly using the supplied virtual machine and manage the out of the box VM template in containers.

Many consider the jacquard loom to be the first programmable machine. The jacquard punch card concept was suggested by Babbage’s collaborator, Ada Lovelace as a way to program his Analytical Engine, so arguably Babbage created the first computer and Ada was the first programmer. The name Weaver pays homage to this.
Origins of the Weaver name