About Weaver™

(Openet VNF Lifecycle Manager)

VNF software lifecycle management is an important aspect of VNF lifecycle management that is often neglected in VNF management systems. Weaver™ provides lifecycle management function that is truly VNF software driven and not based on simple Virtual Machine driven management.

In Openet’s experience of deploying virtualized systems at scale, the true success of any solution is how the system is managed in production after virtual function components were initially instantiated and operating.

The need to manage carrier grade production solutions across distributed systems at scale, likely accompanied by a rapid evaluation of features and functions in VNF services is operationally complex and particularly so when managing multi-vendor deployments.

Openet is delighted to now offer its Generic VNF lifecycle management to assist in better managing such operational complexity.

This is key to supporting efficient in-service VNF updating and auto-healing. Rather than creating new VM instances, OVLM’s generic VNF-M works to upgrade software and/or configurations within the existing VM, which greatly reduces the operational time and complexity.  Deployments that manage VNFs only at the VM level, operate with coarse control and significant blind spots.  Weaver in contrast, provides much better fine grain control and visibility over the deployed VNFs resulting in deployment that is not only faster but also more robust and less error prone.

The Weaver Name

Many consider the jacquard loom to be the first programmable machine. The jacquard punch card concept was suggested by Babbage’s collaborator, Ada Lovelace as a way to program his Analytical Engine, so arguably Babbage created the first computer and Ada was the first programmer. The name Weaver pays homage to this.

About Openet

Openet provides the systems and expertise to assist Communication Service Providers to grow to become Digital Service Providers. Openet enables this through our real-time monetization, control, and big data preparation systems. Our solutions enable service providers to be more innovative in how they engage with their customers to drive new revenues and increase their share of their customers’ digital spend.

Since its foundation in 1999, Openet has constantly been at the forefront of telecoms software development and innovation. Its success is personified by the many long-term relationships it has fostered with the largest, most progressive, and demanding operators across the globe.

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